Empower My Hood Past Events

As we continue to make history, please check out our unforgettable past events.

NOVEMBER 11, 2021

Parent Forum: Preparing Your Child for College in Today's Uncertain Times

Empower My Hood hosted a Parent Forum on November 11th, 2021 at 6:00 PM via Zoom, to address the concerns of parents regarding preparing their student for success. We engaged our participants in a series of real talk discussions about topics ranging from how parents can begin to prepare their children for the college and career choice journey during their grade school years to the types of strategies parents can use to begin aligning themselves financially to cover their child’s college expenses. Our goal was to provide guidance to parents and or guardians as they advance through the steps necessary to get their students prepared for college.

Parent Forum event from Empower My Hood

NOVEMBER 3, 2021

At the Polls with EMH Inc.

A call for Young Voters to Join EMH at the Polls to cast their Votes.

Nov. 3rd Election Day at the Polls with Empower My Hood event

JUNE 22, 2021

Primary Election Day “Let’s Work Together”

A collaboration with EMH & Turbovote for Young Voters to cast their Votes.

Primary Election Day with Turbovote event from Empower My Hood

MAY 6, 2021

A Seat At The Table With Eric Adams

A Seat at the Table, A Candid Conversation with the New York Democratic Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams.

Seat at the Table with Eric Adams from Empower My Hood event

APRIL 27, 2021

Breaking The Stigma

A safe space to explore Mental Health in the BIPOC Community.

Breaking The Stigma Event from Empower My Hood

FEBRUARY 24, 2021

Power Of The Vote, Spotlight on District 27 Local Elections

A discussion with candidates of NYC Council District 27 about their views on key issues affecting the community.

Power of Vote District 27 from Empower My Hood

JANUARY 9, 2021

Succeed with S.T.E.A.M. Event

On January 9th, Empower My Hood hosted our third virtual event in collaboration with Teachable aimed at high school and college students interested in pursuing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Mathematics. An exclusive career panel and discussion was held.


Panelists included Aquilah Jourdain and Danni Simon from Teachable, as well as Delonie A. Plummer Esq., Sadé Batchelor M.Ed, M.A, MHC-LP, and Raven Joseph from Empower My Hood.

SUCCEED WITH S.T.E.A.M Empower My Hood
SUCCEED WITH S.T.E.A.M Empower My Hood

DECEMBER 20, 2020

EMH Supports the City of Maranatha’s Toy & Clothing Drive

The Empower My Hood team supported the City of Maranatha’s (COM) Toy and Clothing Drive on December 20th, 2020. We joined together to not only supply toys to children, but we remained true to our mission and provided interview clothes for high school and college students in our community.

Christmas Toy Drive event by Empower My Hood

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

Power Of The Vote Panel Discussion

To address the concerns and uncertainty among our youth regarding their role in the upcoming presidential election, and the ways in which their vote can bring about change, the Young Professionals of Empower My Hood Inc. (EMH) hosted a panel discussion entitled The Power of the Vote: An Informative Discussion on The 2020 Election on September 30, 2020.

Power of the Vote Empower My Hood


Councilmember I. Daneek Miller (District 27), Assistant State Attorney Ms. Ruby Green, Esq. Councilmember Adrienne E. Adams (District 28), Ms. Alicia Munian-  Director of Communications for the Nassau County Young Democrats

Special Guest:

Acting Queens Borough President Ms. Sharon Lee

Power of the Vote Empower My Hood
Power of the Vote Empower My Hood

AUGUST 7, 2020

Virtual Voter Registration Party

This was our first of several virtual voter registration parties leading up to the November elections. At this event, attendees were informed of the importance of their vote, educated on misconceptions and engaged in discussions regarding national and local elections.

We also registered attendees to vote during the virtual party using our customized TurboVote link: emh.turbovote.org. Stay tuned for more virtual events in the future!

Virtual Voter Registration Party Flyer Empower My Hood
Virtual Voter Registration Party screenshot

AUGUST 1, 2020

EMH assists in painting the Black Lives Matter mural in Downtown Jamaica

Our organization is committed to be an integral part of progressive change that supports and values our community members.


Alongside other neighborhood organizations, we engaged with local artists and community members to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement.


JUNE 20, 2020

Peaceful Protest with a Purpose

EMH filled the streets of Cambria Heights and Queens Village to protest against police brutality and racial injustice. Alongside members of our community, we pulled strength from our ancestors to honor the lives of our brothers and sisters who have perished at the hands of oppression. Collectively, we ignited a revolution in our community as we marched for our common goal: justice!

Peaceful Protest with a Purpose Empower My Hood

In addition to our march for justice, our fearless EMH Youth Leaders provided the members of our community with health and mental health resources, legal information, and resources for childhood education. We also conducted voter registration and provided our community members with 2020 census information.